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Constituent Surveys - A key to your relevance

The days of timeless management wisdom are over. Long gone is the lotus position guru, gathering dust in some back room, humming out a map for the future. Today's gurus instead live by the mantra: "Go to market, go to market, go to market."

Nobody is exempt from the need to anticipate dramatic swings in market demands. If you're thinking, "There will always be a strong demand for what we do today" you better have a good pension plan.

Not long ago, we lived in the information age. Now, we're in the information management age. There's no shortage of information. What there is a shortage of, is the ability to absorb all this information, and to package it in a digestible, usable form in support of effective, timely decisions.

As a market oriented manager, chances are that one of your key service points is this tailored management of information. Your constituents (parents, students, alumni, and faculty) now have, courtesy of the wired world, access to countless new options by which to satisfy their information needs, and access is next to free. Parents (for example) know a lot more about options in education than they did just five years ago. As a result, they are demanding a much more active role in mapping out the future of their children's education. This, in turn, has heightened the need for an informed exchange of ideas going both ways.

You can protect and promote your market position by regularly going to your market with constituent surveys. If you don't, be assured, others will.

Here are just a few of the benefits. Check as many as apply for your school: