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What are my points of connection and belonging and purpose?


How many points of connection do I have?

  • On a daily basis?

  • In close geographic proximity?

  • In healthy relationships?

  • In unhealthy relationships?

Is there a healthy balance in my mix of connections? What is a healthy balance in this mix?

Which of these points of connection foster a sense of belonging for me? For others?

Which of these points of connection promote a sense of purpose for me? For others?

Do they create and sustain an environment of learning and growth for me? For others?

Do they challenge my view of the world?

Do they prompt me to see important subjects from diverse perspectives?

Which of the connections in my life support my mission to add value as a net contributor?

Which of these connections work in opposition to my mission?

Am I willing to create, promote, support, and sustain connections that align with my mission? Even when they push me out of my zone of comfort?

Am I willing to sever connections that work against my mission? Even when doing so pushes me out of my zone of comfort?

Which of these connections are indispensable to success in my mission? Am I taking care to protect these connections?

Which of these connections could I lose and feel no loss in pursuit of my mission? Am I inordinately invested in retaining them?

Are there connections I’ve lost that are worthy of recovery in pursuit of my mission?

Is this conversation of any value?

With respect,

Kevin Graham

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